Document Preparation

We can assist you in the preparation of certain documents

  1. $60.00
    Our translation service can translate virtually any document between the English and Spanish languages, sometimes in as little as 2 hours. Fee is per page. Does not include notary public fee. Nuestro servicio de traducción puede traducir virtualmente cualquier documento entre el inglés y el español, a veces en tan sólo 2 horas. La tarifa es por página. No incluye la tarifa para el notario público.
    Translations Traducciones
  2. $895.00
    A living trust is a legal document created by you during your lifetime. Just like a will, a living trust spells out exactly what your desires are with regard to your assets. The difference is that a will becomes effective only after you die and your will has been entered into probate. A living trust bypasses the costly and time-consuming process of probate, enabling your successor trustee to carry out your instructions as documented in your living trust. Our trust package includes: -trust agreement; -certification of trust; -pour-over will; -general power of attorney; -healthcare power of attorney; -2 deeds; -county recording fees; -notary public fees
    Wills & Trust Packages
  3. $95.00
    -Power of Attorney -Simple Will -Advanced Healthcare Power of Attorney -Amendment to Trust or Will -Deed (i.e. grant deed, quitclaim deed) -Removal of Joint Tenant -Affidavit
    Document Preparation
Other documents we prepare
-Travel authorization for minors to travel
-Affidavit of Single Status
-Bill of sale
-Property rental/lease agreement
-Temporary guardianship of minors
-Revocation of power of attorney
-Business contracts
-Promissory note
-Bill of sale with promissory installement note
In addition to the documents previously mentioned, we can also assist with the preparation of:
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